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Rotting Love

By Norman Gidney | July 14, 2018

Sometimes a relationship goes stale, and it takes the undead, to liven it up

Porsche (Brooke Lewis) and Danny (Dave Reda) are not happy. During one night out, the couple passes a nightclub. Peering through the window pane they see a couple precariously leaning against the glass going at each other. Porsche bemoans the lack of passion in her relationship with David and this triggers an argument, a challenge, and a run-in with a mob of club-going, flesh-eating zombies.

In Dave Reda’s 4-minute short Rotting Love, we get a mixed bag of stilted dialogue and clever horror comedy. The couple decides to push the boundaries of their relationship by heading into the club, only to find out that the club is, you guessed it, crawling with hungry, animated cadavers. Of course, the zombies have no clue what they are up against as Porsche continues to harang Danny for their mutual shortcomings.

The couple decides to push the boundaries of their relationship by heading into the club…crawling with hungry, animated cadavers.”

This is a short done out of love and earnest. What it lacks in polish it makes up for in effort. I do have to hand it to Reda for delivering a particular development in the story that not only surprised me but made me laugh, loudly.

A four-minute joke with a little too much lead-in and a need for better dialogue, Rotting Love is strong on humor and story if nothing else.

Rotting Love (2018) Written and directed by Dave Reda. Starring Brooke Lewis, Dave Reda, Peter Hollywood. 

5 out of 10

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