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Robby Robinson’s Blueprint

By Bobby LePire | June 7, 2024

The titular character of Robby Robinson’s Blueprint may not be a household name, but there’s a reason director Vlad Yudin chose the bodybuilder as a subject. The 75-year-old is still active and has garnered acclaim and respect throughout his decades-long career. His journey, from a 13-year-old who was much bigger than the other kids to a renowned bodybuilder, is truly inspiring. The narrative begins when Tim Taylor starts to feel his age. So, the determined 50-something man decides to do something about it and attends a crash course physical fitness seminar headed by Robinson. Taylor was so impressed he wished to continue his tutelage. Robinson had one stipulation: Taylor had to pack up and move to California, where the bodybuilder is located.

The duo’s 16-week immersive fitness regimen is interspliced with Robinson’s life history, from his childhood to now. He was one of 14 children. He never got on with people much; instead, he told his woes to the family dog. Robinson was always into bodybuilding, so as a 13-year-old, he was much bigger than the other kids. His interactions with the few of his generation who are still in bodybuilding are sweet and mournful.

“The duo’s 16-week immersive fitness regimen is interspliced with Robinson’s life history…”

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint lets its love for its subject permeate every scene. Robinson is upfront about hardships and mistakes, turning him from a larger-than-life figure (almost literally) to a very relatable fellow. Taylor is not just a student but a friend, with his awe and love for what Robinson has done for his confidence and health on full display. The pair’s friendship, which is the heart of the documentary, is a testament to the power of human connection. This emphasis on relatability and friendship will keep you connected and engaged throughout the 94-minute runtime.

But heart and good intentions don’t necessarily make for a good viewing experience; see The Room as an example. But Yudin is an excellent craftsman, preventing the movie from lagging at any point. By using Taylor as the audience surrogate into the world of Robinson and bodybuilding, the filmmaker allows anyone with little or no knowledge of the sport an accessible on-ramp. That Robinson’s life is so rich and full of lows and highs is icing on the cake. A sequence about supplements and IVs proves that Robinson doesn’t just lift weights and never skips leg day. No, he’s totally clean, to the point of not even eating cake on his birthday. This is revealed with respect, as the subject’s actions and words match up.

Robby Robinson’s Blueprint is a little gem of a documentary. It’s not just for people who are into weight or bodybuilding, but for everyone. Taylor’s love for Robinson, the man and the athlete, is never in question. It’s also understandable what the professional bodybuilder sees in Taylor, a determined man who is willing to do whatever it takes. Yudin’s spacing out of the man’s life history means the narrative never gets repetitive or dull. This emphasis on accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of their interests, can feel included and catered to in this documentary.

For more information, visit the official Robby Robinson’s Blueprint site.

Robby Robinson's Blueprint (2024)

Directed: Vlad Yudin


Starring: Robby Robinson, Tim Taylor, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Robby Robinson's Blueprint Image

"…a little gem of a documentary."

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