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By Bobby LePire | September 3, 2022

The world-building done throughout Rewilding is quick and efficient, but it is absolutely gangbusters in The Family Tree. The tree’s history never feels like exposition, and the ending is thrilling and scary in all the right ways. Neckles is excellent, carrying the weight of past atrocities well, while the truth and who’s involved makes total sense. The special makeup and hair effects by Frances de Havas are exquisite and add to the tense atmosphere well.

Finally, there’s The Writer’s Enquiry. Reporter Simon (Richard Chivers) travels to a small country town to interview its residents about their local ghost stories and Halloween traditions. Some folks are willing to talk, others less so. During his time there, Simon becomes obsessed with learning more about the “graveyard behind the graveyard.” However, its secrets were never meant for the living.

“…thrilling and scary in all the right ways.”

The third and final entry in this anthology is good overall, though this is where Rewilding starts to show some cracks. Are the small villages in all three segments meant to be the same place? Simon mentions to the first lady he talks to that this little hamlet is famous for its ghost sightings and hauntings. If this is the case, it is not made very clear. Similarly, if each tale is in a different locale, that is not apparent via establishing shots or dialogue either. Having it all be centered in or around the same town would strengthen some things (i.e., magic) Rawlins presents.

With that being said, The Writer’s Enquiry is a bit slow to start, but the finale, featuring more of de Havas’ brilliant makeup effects, is incredible. However, a bit more reason behind the tradition that captivates him would’ve given this the same emotional resonance as the first two entries. Chivers gives his meaty role everything he’s got, and the cinematography is as lush and frightening as ever. Plus, again, that ending!

Rewilding is an intriguing anthology with some good to amazing segments. The cast in each story is incredible, bolstering the creepy tales they appear in; this is especially true of Neckles. Rawlins’ cinematography in each narrative balances the beautiful tranquility of the countryside with the dark fear of isolation. While there are a few flaws here and there, the finished product is full of wonder, magic, and frightening setpieces.

Rewilding (2022)

Directed and Written: Ric Rawlins

Starring: John Matthews, Charles Doherty, Natasha Neckles, Richard Chivers, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Rewilding Image

"…Britain's first folk horror anthology flick..."

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