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Queen of Paradis

By Alan Ng | March 7, 2020

Along with amazing artwork, it’s the story of the creative process of the artist, that’s captured as well. Paradis grew up in a rural community of France. Her parents were artists as her father restored antique furniture, and her mother restored old paintings. While they loved the quiet, country life, Reine was drawn to the city and, ultimately, to New York, where she would be fired as a commercial production assistant.

Rather than look for the security of a “real” job, Reine chose to work on her own and produce her art, which brings us to “Jungle.” Much of the documentary features talking-head interviews with friends and family describe her as driven, creative, and intuitive as an artist. Then Lindstrom adds a few critics to affirm her place in the art community. But it’s Reine Paradis, who tells her tale in first person.

Compromise does not exist in her vocabulary, let alone work ethic…”

The second half follows Paradis around from one location to the next getting everything perfect. She is driven, and she is relentless. Compromise does not exist in her vocabulary, let alone work ethic, and it pays off with the final product.

I’m not exactly a massive fan of art documentaries. I prefer watching more of the pop-culture and modern-day artists…the ones with a quirky edge over the traditional. Paradis definitely fits the quirky side of art. Queen of Paradis is an excellent art film. Paradis is a true artist, and her photographs are fun and exciting to look at. Her story is engaging, but you would not necessarily call her the tortured artist with a dark and haunting past. She probably leans more on the hippie side.

Queen of Paradis is a fun art documentary from the beautiful collection of Reine Paradis. She, at times, imperils herself for her art and has a sharp sense of humor about it.

Queen of Paradis (2020)

Directed and Written: Carl Lindstrom

Starring: Reine Paradis, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Queen of Paradis Image

"…a bright white structure...a gorgeous orange figure, and sometimes an origami-shaped creature"

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