Who is Max Allan Collins? A modern renaissance man. A jack –of-all-trades. Well, at least in the realm of the campy, horror, comic, and actually awesome literature. Max Allan Collins wrote the graphic novel version of Road to Perdition which got great acclaim and was made into that huge deal with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. He also did extensive writing for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, that monstrously popular series about forensic specialists who carry guns. Bad-A*s. What else? He scripted the comic “Dick Tracy” from 1977 to 1993, and wrote the novel tie-ins of “Air Force One”, The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King, Saving Private Ryan, “Maverick”, “In the Line of Fire”, and was forced to write the novel version of “Waterworld”. Poor Max. He survived “Waterworld”, however, though perhaps with mental problems. “Waterworld”. He also is a successful mystery author. Need I say more? So, why am I talking to him? Well, he just signed a deal with Troma entertainment. That’s right, Troma, as in Lloyd Kaufman, “The Toxic Avenger”, Debbie Rochon. You’ve got the right Troma. You also probably didn’t know that Max Allan Collins is a filmmaker (who isn’t?). He is. He made the two films “Mommy” and “Mommy 2: Mommy’s Day”. (Both starring actress Brinke Stevens). He’s also made a quite innovative film called Real Time: Siege at Lucas Street. It’s innovative, oh impatient one, because it employs various camera angles that can be accessed at any time during the viewing. Just like in a porno when you wanna get just the perfect angle, you can do the same in Max’s “Real Time” by clicking the arrows on the DVD controller. Wanna see the robbery from a different angle? No problem! Employing security camera techniques, this was relatively easy for Max to pull off. (That and his talent, that is). Troma will be distributing these films along with all the rest of the sludge that crawls out of their bowels. This stuff seems, dare I say it? Too good for Troma. Don’t tell Lloyd I said that though…

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