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Queen Of Knives

By Bobby LePire | March 23, 2024

Queen Of Knives is the sequel to King Of Knives. Every prominent person returns from the first film, including director Jon Delgado and screenwriters Gene Pope and Lindsay Joy. Is seeing the initial outing of the Benetto family a necessary prerequisite for this look into the complicated lives of this Brooklyn-based family?

Frank (Gene Pope) lives in a small apartment in his old stomping grounds after divorcing Kathy (Mel Harris). Their daughter Kaitlin (Roxi Pope) is trying her darnedest to work through her issues via therapy. She’s just petrified that her new partner, Mattie (Carmen LoBue), will meet her parents and sister and be scared off. Frank and Kathy’s other daughter, Sadie (Emily Bennett), deals with her emotions by never invoking them. Everything is a trifle or amusing to her, including random hook-ups with whom she refuses to eat breakfast. But Frank’s world, and therefore everyone else’s, goes pear-shaped when it is revealed who Kathy is now seeing: Frank’s account, Joanne (Tara Westwood).

“…Frank’s world, and therefore everyone else’s, goes pear-shaped when it is revealed who Kathy is now seeing…”

However, a glimmer of a good thing emerges through an accident. Autumn (Alexandra Renzo) slams into Frank with her bike, injuring him. The go-with-the-flow gal takes the older man to her healer, and the two discover they have natural chemistry. A date reignites Frank’s creative side, further establishing what this May-December couple sees in each other. However, an impending family gathering threatens to destroy the family’s already fragile bonds as well as these new loves before they truly have time to sprout.

For the majority of its runtime, Queen Of Knives stands on its own, showcasing the individual desires and emotions of Frank, Kathy, Kaitlin, and Sadie. The comedic side is particularly effective, with Frank’s earnest attempts to comprehend and respect people’s preferred pronouns providing some of the most humorous moments. The aforementioned date is to an art show, and everything here is a delight. It’s worth noting that the movie establishes its plot and characters so well that it’s easy to forget it’s a sequel. That speaks volumes to the care the screenwriters put into the story and the dramatic beats. Speaking of, with a few exceptions, the drama is compelling. The family coming to terms with themselves and their relation to each other is relatable and moving. A blow-up at the gathering is bitter and intense but not over-the-top.

The romantic elements are equally compelling. Autumn’s carefree nature is alluring, and she offers Frank something he desperately needs: a listener who sees the real him. She injects him with a renewed zest for life and its infinite possibilities. The on-screen chemistry between Pope and Renzo is palpable, elevating their romance from a mere fling to a significant part of the narrative. Kaitlin and Mattie clearly adore each other as they try to weather whatever comes their way together. Kathy and Joanne share sweet looks that speak to how in love they are.

Queen Of Knives (2024)

Directed: Jon Delgado

Written: Gene Pope, Lindsay Joy

Starring: Gene Pope, Mel Harris, Roxie Pope, Emily Bennett, Alexandra Renzo, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Queen Of Knives Image

"…the cast of Queen Of Knives is better than the romance, drama, and comedy combined."

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