By Admin | August 19, 2004

Everyone dreams about being able to travel through time at some point in their life. Willis (Scott R. Miller) gives two of his friends that opportunity when he exposes them to a time travel machine in his
Boss’ garage. What will they do?

First through the machine is Bernie (Larry Reinhardt-Meyer), who comes back dressed as a pirate. After he convinces his friends that the machine really does work, he gets a brilliant idea. All three men then go through the machine, and Bernie bitch slaps a little boy (Justin Rubio), who just happens to be a young Hitler. The friends find this to be so much fun that they travel throughout various times in the life of the infamous one (the older version of which is played by Charles Klausmeyer) and punch him in the face. Seeing as this is a time travel story, you just know this will have an affect on history.

There are a few laughs here, and the concept is fairly decent.
Three drunk guys going around punching Hitler? How can that be anything but funny? The only downside is the characters — they can be a tad bit irritating as they seem to be middle-aged white guys who never grew up — the most annoying kind of white guys after frat boys.

This isn’t the best comedy of the year, that still goes to the Dirty Creeps DVD compilation, but it is good for a few hearty chuckles.

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