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Pretty Pickle

By Alan Ng | June 15, 2022

Writer-director Jim Vendiola’s Pretty Pickle is a stunning short film that builds brilliantly to a disturbingly quirky end. Sam and Sam… that is, Samuel (Brennan Urbi) and Samantha (Whitney Masters)… have been going hot and heavy as a couple for almost two months. From the opening moment of the short, the sex is hot, but the “honeymoon” phase of this relationship is ending.

Everything for the couple appears relatively normal, but Samuel receives texts from his friends to hang out after being sequestered with Samantha for so long. But now he’s starting to wonder what’s up with Samantha as of late. There’s nothing overtly suspicious about her, just a few odd conversations about the sense memory she had with formaldehyde from biology class, her close relationship with her deceased mother, and her obsession with gory horror films. I mean, these are not things to be concerned about… right?

“…the sex is hot, but the ‘honeymoon’ phase of this relationship is ending.”

What I love about Pretty Pickle is the journey for us as an audience. From the get-go, it’s hard to figure out exactly where the story is going. What you know is that Samuel becomes obsessed with a minor quirk in Samantha, and slowly that quirk grows into something… else. Filmmaker Vendiola guides his audience brilliantly with his meticulous revelations that lead to the surprising end.

Not just that, Pretty Pickle is shot in black and white and innovative in its genre-blending narrative. Vendiola not only elevates the elements of horror but also brings in the feel of a modern romance. This dramatic short is an absolute joy to watch.

For screening information, visit the Pretty Pickle official website.

Pretty Pickle (2022)

Directed and Written: Jim Vendiola

Starring: Brennan Urbi, Whitney Masters, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Pretty Pickle Image

"…shot in black and white and innovative in its genre-blending narrative."

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  1. Jamie Newell says:

    Great review. Saw the film tonight and couldn’t agree with you more on your praise of writer-director Jim Vendiola’s and this Pretty Pickle. And thanks for not spoiling it.

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