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By Kyle Bain | July 28, 2021

Posies takes place in a world where people devolve into monsters, but one woman refuses to accept this fate. As Maddy (Anna Diop) struggles to deal with this reality, she places the titular flower under her skin in the hopes of curbing the transformation. What she doesn’t yet realize, however, is that everyone’s past transgressions are coming back to haunt them in the most twisted of ways. The world is changing, and it is humanity’s fault.

The horror short, directed by Katherine Fisher and writer R.H. Stavis, relies heavily on the special effects makeup created by Ojala Productions. From its opening, Posies needs the makeup artists’ work to be flawless, or the entire production would fall flat on its face. Happily, audiences will be floored by how incredible the effects are and marvel that such attention was put into a ten-minute short. The impressive effects also allow everyone to buy into the world and characters presented.

“…places the titular flower under her skin in the hopes of curbing the transformation.”

The film is quick and aggressive, and as the story unfolds, I was intrigued by how quickly it develops. The beginning spells out the difficulties of Maddy’s life, efficiently establishing her arc. The only thing that outshines the stellar makeup is the performance of Diop. The actor, from the moment viewers first lay eyes on her, is brilliant and convincing. Diop is tasked with conveying a dark, emotionally driven performance, and she never misses a beat. The twisted nature of the plot suits Diop well, and she does a spectacular job of bringing the right level of intensity to life. 

Darkness exists throughout Posies and conveys an uncomfortable atmosphere, and brings true horror to the proceedings. The lighting plays a significant role in accomplishing that goal, as it adds to the intense fear the character is experiencing. While it is incredibly twisted, the message of humans and nature intermingling in the most horrific ways still resonates thanks to Fisher and Stavis being incredibly intelligent in presenting audiences with all the information needed to understand what Maddy is going through.

Posies is dark, unsettling, and conveys a message that is sure to make viewers uncomfortable as it points out our many flaws. As the movie plays out, however, the connection that Diop makes with those watching allows them to curb some of that uncomfortableness and understand the importance of what is being said. If I had to say that anything was wrong with the horror title, it’s that I want it to be longer. I am so impressed by what this team accomplished that I want to see more of what they have to offer. And, while this may technically be a “complaint,” it’s truly proof of how wonderfully talented the cast and crew are.

Posies (2021)

Directed: Katherine Fisher, R.H. Stavis

Written: R.H. Stavis

Starring: Anna Diop, Andy Favreau, Zach Rogers, Laura Cassidy, Bobby Gilchrist, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Posies Image

"…I am so impressed by what this team accomplished..."

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