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Pirouette: The Circle of Life

By Alan Ng | August 4, 2023

Art is a mirror of life, and that’s true for Shaily Sanghvi’s short film, Pirouette: The Circle of Life. The film is a poem, a reflection on the theme of finding one’s purpose in life. It opens with a ballet dancer in the studio working on her pirouettes. She repeats the move over and over again to the point that her toes are red and beyond the point of soreness.

As she dances, she ponders (voiced by Emma Pignatiello) the purpose in life and chasing after her dreams. She realizes, “Sometimes the purpose you choose does not choose you. Is that the end, though?”

“…opens with a ballet dancer in the studio working on her pirouettes.”

Running at just over four minutes long, Pirouette: The Circle of Life features the titular pirouette serving as a metaphor that when it seems our dreams may not come true, passion will come full circle and return in unexpected ways.

Pirouette: The Circle of Life is a beautiful and insightful story. Chrissy Ly Peedu stars as the accomplished young dancer. Her performance is reminiscent of the years sending my daughter to ballet class but then intensifies as she battles to keep her dream alive. It’s an independent production, but writer/director Sanghvi keeps it looking professional from start to finish.

For more information about Pirouette: The Circle of Life, visit Shaily Sanghvi’s Instagram Page.

Pirouette: The Circle of Life (2023)

Directed and Written: Shaily Sanghvi

Starring: Emma Pignatiello, Chrissy Ly Peedu, Lydia Filimonova, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Pirouette: The Circle of Life Image

"…beautiful and insightful..."

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