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Pinwheel Horizon

By Alan Ng | March 6, 2023

Three warriors prepare for their final battle in the dystopian world of Ian Ebright’s futuristic short film, Pinwheel Horizon. Cyra (Cassie Stires), Aru (Steven Soro), and Kuur (Maz Siam) are on the final stretch of their long journey to defeat the evil gang of 40. It is their last battle before ultimate victory.

Along the way, the fighters run into marauders and fight brutally. Cyra, Aru, and Kuur then stumble across a suspicious encampment — which turns out to be a family left homeless from this never ceasing conflict. Before the final chapter can end for our heroes, their last roadblock is a mysterious man known as the Notary Ambassador (Lowell Deo).

“…their last roadblock is a mysterious man known as the Notary Ambassador.”

Pinwheel Horizon is an example of the possibilities found in telling fantasy tales on a modest DIY budget. As most of the film takes place in a desert location, Ebright manages to do a bit of world-building with a small cast and inventive costumes. But world-building is more than finding unique locations and uniforms. The filmmaker builds his world by establishing lore and focusing on the motivations and goals of his characters.

Ebright’s story is what wins out over the lack of the millions it would take to tell a Hollywood blockbuster. He brilliantly gives his three warriors very distinct personalities, like the wise and quiet Kurr. The film then plays out a plot that tests the warrior’s mettle and directly challenges the lifestyle they’ve embraced when victory/resolution is seemingly plucked from their grasp by the mysterious stranger.

Pinwheel Horizon is an example of the possibilities of indie fantasy storytelling when a filmmaker can see beyond mere budget to tell his tale.

For more information about Pinwheel Horizon, visit Ian Ebight’s official website.

Pinwheel Horizon (2023)

Directed and Written: Ian Ebright

Starring: Cassie Stires, Steven Soro, Maz Siam, Lowell Deo, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Pinwheel Horizon Image

"…story is what wins out over the lack of the millions..."

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