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Pink Opaque

By Alan Ng | July 27, 2021

As Pink Opaque plays out, Travis, always just one step away from homelessness, has to find his voice or risk failing out of film school. Bobby risks everything for fast money and desperately tries to keep Kristen safe and uninvolved in his illegal activities. Robin must come up with a new television project to keep himself relevant.

What comes across the most in Pink Opaque is its heart. Filmmaker Derrick Perry has something to say about the passionate pursuit of the arts. I’m sure, like most indie filmmakers, he scrapped and saved his way into making his film. He understands the dangerous and tenuous road of fulfilling dreams and the immense joy that comes from tiny success.

Pink Opaque feels big for a small film. Story-wise, he expertly created four very distinct characters and placed his pain and hope in each one of them. Shot on a micro-budget, the filmmaking team produced a professional-looking film and made good use of the vast diversity of Los Angeles. It’s guerrilla filmmaking at its finest.

“…Boothe and Park have great chemistry and on-screen presence throughout the film.”

It also helps to have fantastic lead actors to bolster any script. Elijah Boothe and Ruby Park have great chemistry and on-screen presence throughout the film. Both actors have a good understanding of their characters, and they keep their stories grounded, even as it drifts into melodrama, at times. The two are a joy to watch, particularly when they’re together.

Pink Opaque is not a perfect film. To me, the biggest flaw is the balance between Travis and Kristen’s individual storylines. Kristen’s story is rightly the B-story, but the movie didn’t give it enough attention or screen time to develop in more exciting ways. It’s an issue with balance as Kristen and Bobby’s story is so incredibly compelling; it could have been its own film.

Derrick Perry’s Pink Opaque is heartfelt and has something important to say about the treacherous journey of pursuing passion not only in Los Angeles but also in life. Perry’s insight and the performances by Elijah Boothe and Ruby Park make it worth watching.

Pink Opaque (2020)

Directed and Written: Derrick Perry

Starring: Elijah Boothe, Ruby Park, Chaim Dunbar, Daniel C., etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Pink Opaque Image

"…has something important to say about the treacherous journey of pursuing passion…"

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  1. Mark Notarberardino says:

    I have made almost no money from my films but it sure is fun to make them! I will watch this film.

  2. Michael Boone says:

    Great movie. Excellent acting and directing. Loved the storyline

  3. Terrace P Miller says:

    Great cinematology! Good storyline with twists and turns I didn’t expect, especially the ending!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Pink Opaque was an excellent movie, with a very captivating story line. I highly recommend this must see movie!

  5. D.L. Miller says:

    Excellent film that captures the soul of today generation. A must watch for anyone aspiring to make to follow their dreams.

  6. Dwight Miller says:

    This movie was awesome! This was so powerful and was so real. Can wait to see the next movie.

  7. Felicia Perry says:

    Excellent movie, love the drama throughout the movie. Beautiful sceneries in LA
    Great movie to watch. Captures current issues

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