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Pink Opaque

By Alan Ng | July 27, 2021

NEW TO VOD! “Pursuing our passions” is a relatively new concept. It wasn’t that long ago when we worked day-to-day to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves, while pursuing a risky, low-paying career in the arts was left to the extraordinarily passionate or the wealthy. It’s different today. Pink Opaque, produced by Dave Ragsdale and written/directed by Derrick Perry, depicts the tough road we face in this pursuit as more and more artists would rather starve than languish in a career that “pays the bills.”

Travis (Elijah Boothe) is a struggling film student. The key phrase here is “struggling.” He’s waited until the last minute to complete his final film project. His professor tells him his work is crap, and he’d better turn in a film by Friday’s screening, and it better be good, or he won’t graduate. There is also the pressure from his mother as she struggled tirelessly to pay the money for his film school tuition.

“His professor tells him his work is crap, and he’d better turn in a film by Friday’s screening…”

Like any good drama, things must get worse before they get better. Travis is kicked out of his apartment by his fellow filmmaker students. While walking the streets of Hollywood late at night, his cellphone is stolen, then his car is towed with all his possessions. His only bright spot is his girlfriend Kristen (Ruby Park), who is his single source of strength.

Kristen has her own problems. Her dream is to become a fashion designer, but resources are limited as her parents recently passed, and her brother Bobby Lee (Daniel C.) is now in charge. Bobby only knows the streets to survive and has taken up drug trafficking for income. He puts his own life in jeopardy thinking knows that a single misstep will ruin his and Kristen’s future.

With nowhere to go, Travis’s only option to get his life and film back on track is to enlist the help of his uncle Robin (Chaim Dunbar). Estranged from his mother since Travis was a child, Robin moved to L.A. to become a successful television producer. He reached his dream, but age threatens to take away everything he’s earned.

Pink Opaque (2020)

Directed and Written: Derrick Perry

Starring: Elijah Boothe, Ruby Park, Chaim Dunbar, Daniel C., etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Pink Opaque Image

"…has something important to say about the treacherous journey of pursuing passion…"

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  1. Mark Notarberardino says:

    I have made almost no money from my films but it sure is fun to make them! I will watch this film.

  2. Michael Boone says:

    Great movie. Excellent acting and directing. Loved the storyline

  3. Terrace P Miller says:

    Great cinematology! Good storyline with twists and turns I didn’t expect, especially the ending!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Pink Opaque was an excellent movie, with a very captivating story line. I highly recommend this must see movie!

  5. D.L. Miller says:

    Excellent film that captures the soul of today generation. A must watch for anyone aspiring to make to follow their dreams.

  6. Dwight Miller says:

    This movie was awesome! This was so powerful and was so real. Can wait to see the next movie.

  7. Felicia Perry says:

    Excellent movie, love the drama throughout the movie. Beautiful sceneries in LA
    Great movie to watch. Captures current issues

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