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Our (Almost Completely True) Love Story

By Sabina Dana Plasse | November 21, 2023

Our (Almost Completely True) Love Story is a heart-warming comedy about senior dating and a senior couple who find love and companionship while aging, along with all the drama that comes with it. Mariette Hartley, who plays herself, is a recognizable Hollywood star known for decades of work in television and movies. As she decides to enter the online dating world, she inadvertently meets Jerry (Jerry Sroka) and her pet store, Birds Plus, who is actively dating too.

Mariette is a tall, beautiful woman and a recognizable actress with a great house, while Jerry is a short Jewish man. Having no interest, Mariette pushes off Jerry incessantly until his personality and impressions win him over.

Tough to get, Mariette makes Jerry work for her companionship but eventually invites him to join her on meetings with her old friends, who are funny too, including Bernie Kopell, most known for being the ship’s doctor on the Love Boat, and Don Scardino, also the film’s director, along with Morgan Fairchild and Tess Harper. And there are several more known actors, including Peter MacNicol and Mindy Sterling, whose roles in online dating personalities fill out the senior dating world, which is as comical and bizarre as one might think.

“Mariette Hartley, who plays herself, is a recognizable Hollywood star…decides to enter the online dating world…”

As Mariette and Jerry journey into the senior life of dating, there are auditions, meeting other aging actors, attending a play, taking a fan tour trip, and introducing children as well as exes. However, as aging goes on, Mariette learns about her ex-husband’s young French wife, who did not fare well with her, followed by becoming sick in the hospital with a life-changing situation. Jerry never leaves her side even though Mariette dumps him mostly out of fear of being old and helpless.

Jokes abound in Our (Almost Completely True) Love Story, and there are some aging and senior realities even though the film takes place in Los Angeles and the afterglow of Hollywood stardom. An interesting Mariette is slowed down but functional, while Jerry has a sparky nature that is able to handle even physically. Although Mariette tries to end their relationship, and each even consults therapists about their current situation, Jerry does not give up and makes meaningful gestures with his rose deliveries, among other semi-corny attempts, which we love, to win back Mariette.

Meshing their sense of humor and style, Mariette is blunt but classy, and Jerry, a master of voices, timing, and genuineness, carries Our (Almost Completely True) Love Story through until its end. Although Our (Almost Completely True) Love may not have the pace and fast action of most films, it is meaningful with a great deal of hidden perspective, which is needed in a world that should recognize and respect its elders much more than it does. The humor and decency of Our (Almost Completely True) Love hangs with you, and it is something to think about, especially since everyone will be there eventually.

Our (Almost Completely True) Love (2022)

Directed: Don Scardino

Written: Jerry Sroka, Mariette Hartley

Starring: Jerry Sroka, Mariette Hartley, Peter MacNicol, Tess Harper, Morgan Fairchild, Bernie Kopell, Jack McGee, Peter Onorati, John Rubenstein, Mindy Sterling, Sam McMurray, Stu Pankin, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Our (Almost Completely True) Love  Image

"…hangs with you, and it is something to think about..."

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  1. Lindsay Fulton says:

    This is a must see movie!

  2. Susan McCray says:

    I am trying to reach Mariette – I am casting director for Little House on the Prairie and cast Mariette as a guest star as well as interviewed her on my radio show .. I want to invite her to our 50th anniversary in the place she was born Connecticut for a children’s charity there
    Kids Play Museum – where I am an advocate

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