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One of the Good Ones

By Kyle Bain | April 15, 2020

JJ, a recovering addict, finds himself falling for Sammy, seemingly the girl of his dreams in a weekend romance under the bright lights of Hollywood.

Love does not always show itself at the most convenient of times; it appears whenever it is meant to and can be present for several reasons. We can learn lessons from love, we can be saved by it, and love can be all-encompassing and consuming, turning our worlds upside down. One of the Good Ones depicts love at both the least convenient and most convenient of times. JJ (Jesy McKinney) struggles with his addiction and stumbles upon Sammy (Callie Gilbert), the woman who may or may not be here to save his life. As he does everything in his power to connect with Sammy, it is not always clear whether she shares the feelings that he possesses. Aside from Sammy, the other light at the end of JJ’s daunting tunnel is his daughter, Lexi (Coconut McKinney). As JJ makes his way towards recovery, love and life are thrown at him in ways that he has never before experienced. He will fight for his sobriety and happiness, but is the juice worth the squeeze? 

Mere seconds into the movie, the audience is introduced to the beautiful and endearing voice of Callie Gilbert, as Sammy voice-over narrates. It instantly hooks the viewers and succinctly reels them in. Her voice is attractive and gripping, and Gilbert’s physical attributes mirror her sultry voice and pull audiences further into the story. The ability for viewers to connect with Sammy so early on allows them to appreciate how easily JJ falls for her and enables them to become part of the story. The young couple is aesthetically appealing, and the two shine brightly in each and every scene. Their chemistry adds to their physical appeal and gives audiences no choice but to fall in love with them and appreciate both their individual and collective stories.

“The constant flood of emotion kept audiences on edge and refused to let them stray…” 

The straightforward story entices the audience to follow. JJ and Sammy’s struggles are real, and they reflect issues that millions of people around the world face every single day. The accessibility of the characters and the story connects viewers with the film on a level that I am not entirely sure I have ever felt before. Writers and directors Jesy McKinney and Chase Tarca developed a script that is so simple, and, yet, holds so much weight.

Young love, whether reciprocated or not, is something that everyone has experienced in their life, making each moment of One of the Good Ones relatable and real. Their stories and struggles were made possible by the incredible acting. These young and relatively unknown actors fill the screen with emotion and confidence. Their subtle, yet powerful, facial expressions made their feelings come to life, and every word out of their mouths land heavily on the viewer. Their words made audiences weak; their actions made viewers relive every difficult moment in their lives and appreciate the strenuous construct of love. 

The constant flood of emotion kept audiences on edge and refused to let them stray from what was happening on screen. While every person who plays a part in the film took part in this emotional connection, McKinney has to be commended for his unparalleled role in the film’s success. His talent as a writer and an actor helped to carry the movie and reach viewers on a deeply emotional level. Nothing is perfect! Love is never perfect, and life is full of difficulties and disappointment. However, the ability One of the Good Ones to capture the raw emotion of love and life makes it as close to perfect as possible. 

One of the Good Ones (2020)

Directed and Written: Jesy McKinney, Chase Tarca

Starring: Jesy McKinney, Callie Gilbert, Sulem Calderon, Sam J. Jones, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

One of the Good Ones Image

"…Gilbert's physical attributes mirror her sultry voice and pull audiences further into the story."

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  1. Hannah says:

    does anyone have the soundtrack for this amazing movie??

  2. Timmie D Smith says:

    Wow well written you wrote exactly how the movie made me feel I don’t think a movie has ever made me feel so emotionally attached like this one

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