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One All The Way

By Alan Ng | October 25, 2021

Yes, I love hot dogs, but no, I don’t need to know how the “sausage is made.” Just let me enjoy my meal. Dave Baram’s documentary, One All The Way, follows his father Harry Baram, and two of his friends, Larry Presta and Ron Rauschart, on their regular Hot Dog Crawl across the state of New Jersey. But, the short is about more than just hot dogs.

The thread of Baram’s film is the Hot Dog Crawl and the trio’s search for the best “Hot Texas Weiner.” One All The Way also looks at the current state and history of the city of Paterson, New Jersey. Its historical significance begins at the start of the nation. Paterson was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1791 and established as the first manufacturing center of the United States. Because of its abundance of jobs, Paterson became the hub of immigrant laborers for more than two centuries and currently boasts over 52 distinct ethnic groups.

“…the Hot Dog crawl and the trio’s search for the best ‘Hot Texas Weiner.'”

Like much of the rust belt, American manufacturing is on a severe decline leaving many of these thriving cities with no jobs and left to neglect. As Baram, Presta, and Rauschart travel the state eating chilidogs, the three, particularly Batam, remember Paterson’s once vibrant community. The city’s mystique surrounds a 77-foot waterfall known as the Great Falls of Paterson, which provided power for the city’s citizens and industry. However, the trip affects Dave the most as many of the landmarks he loved as a child are gone, including the Falls View Diner, where he first met his wife.

As much as I liked One All the Way, I have to point out that the short is split almost in half by the hot dog crawl and the history of Paterson. When this happens, both subjects are not covered as they should. As much as director Baram gives attention to both, the documentary feels disjointed at times. Honestly, I wanted a hot dog movie going in. But, the story of Paterson is interesting to warrant its own documentary. I’m not convinced these “great tastes, taste great together.”

The story of One All The Way is exciting and worth watching but really should have been about Paterson and, like life, hold back on all those hot dogs.

One All The Way (2021)

Directed and Written: David Baram

Starring: Harry Baram, Larry Presta, Ron Rauschart, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

One All The Way Image

"…like life, hold back on all those hot dogs."

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