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Noemí Gold

By Brian Shaer | December 8, 2020

Much of the credit goes to the exemplary cast, led by Berarducci, who conveys the innocence on the verge of being lost that characterizes Noemí. This is a young woman who is encountering such a tremendously frightening circumstance for a woman her age (Noemí mentions that her parents are in Italy), and she handles it with grace and thoughtfulness. All the while, Noemí acts as a beacon of level-headedness to Rosa and her cousin, David (Dan Rubenstein, who makes an extraordinary debut as both writer and director), who is visiting from Los Angeles. Since the film exposes Noemí’s pregnancy at the outset, it is able to concentrate on developing her as a character and not as a construct to be worked out.

As Rosa, Juncadella provides beautiful support and brings a remarkable sensitivity to what, in a lesser movie, would be the best friend-as-comic-foil part. When Rosa gets up on stage and does her best drunken “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,” Juncadella elegantly exposes what Rosa perceives as strength but what the rest of us know to be real vulnerability.

Rubenstein has created flesh and blood characters that live and breathe and think and feel.”

The film uses Buenos Aires to tremendous effect with lots of outdoor scenes, both in the city and countryside. The movie includes several gorgeously photographed cityscapes of the Argentinean capital courtesy of cinematographer Tebbe Schöningh, showcasing fabulous work throughout. One of the best scenes occurs at the country house of Noemí’s friend, Sol (Amelia Repetto), as the two share a quiet moment in the serenity of the countryside, which morphs into a tragically hilarious encounter with two handsome, young missionaries.

It is in quiet moments like these where Noemí Gold truly shines. Rubenstein has created flesh and blood characters that live and breathe and think and feel. He exhibits such care with his characters that it leaves the viewer with the feeling that they have spent a quality moment in time with Noemí and her circle. Noemí Gold is a smart and tenderhearted film from an astounding creative team that appreciates the humanity that can come alive through drama.

Noemí Gold (2019)

Directed and Written: Dan Rubenstein

Starring: Catalina Beraducci, Martina Juncadella, Amelia Repetto, Juan Wauters, Dan Rubenstein, José Fogwill, Alexandra Velasco, Maria Eugenia, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Noemí Gold Image

"…a gem of a movie..."

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