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Night Sweats

By Chuck Foster | November 18, 2019

This is exactly the type of movie that would easily fail with a weaker cast, but every single performance here is spot-on, from DeSpiegler’s wide-eyed innocent kid turned amateur sleuth to Ramsey’s damaged femme fatale. Mackie, who memorably began her career as the opening kill of 1993’s Sliver, transforms what could have been a cardboard character into someone fun and relatable. The Flash veteran John Wesley Shipp also gives a wildly entertaining performance as the borderline cult leader of a self-help group. Even more impressive are the newcomers, like Trey Gibbons as the personable CDC agent Tom Atkins (yes, he does the name justice) and producer Jason Abrams as a germophobe surrounded by disease. It all makes for an unexpectedly awesome ensemble that would probably have gone to snoozing A-listers if made by a major studio.

“…every single performance here is spot-on, from DeSpiegler’s amateur sleuth to Ramsey’s damaged femme fatale.”

A word should also be said about John Kaefer’s beautifully pulsing synth score. Rather than overdo it with blaring electronica or grating industrialism, he gives us driving ambiance with cues nodding to both Brian Eno and John Carpenter. An official soundtrack release would be an incredible addition to any record collection.

Most of us in big cities came from somewhere boring in pursuit of something more exciting. Sometimes, we actually find it, but not where we thought we would and at a deadly price. Night Sweats is for everyone who either didn’t make it or walked away scarred.

Night Sweats (2019)

Directed: Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Written: Andrew Lyman-Clarke, Seth Panman

Starring: Kyle DeSpiegler, Mary Elaine Ramsey, John Wesley Shipp, Brett Azar, Allison Mackie, Trey Gibbons, Jason Abrams, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Night Sweats Image

"…a fully engaging thriller that keeps you hooked from beginning to end."

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