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Night Ride

By Alan Ng | October 20, 2022

I love a short film that puts a little zig in its zag. Eirik Tveiten’s Norwegian short film, Night Ride, is the story of Ebba (Sigrid Kandal Husjord), who wants a go home on this freezing winter night. When the trolley arrives, the driver wants to take a break but won’t let Ebba sit in the warm trolley while she waits. The impatient Ebba sneaks on board and, when no one is looking, starts hitting buttons and quickly learns to operate the trolley. As the angry conductor returns, she says eff it and moves full speed ahead.

“…when no one is looking, starts hitting buttons and quickly learns to operate the trolley.”

Enjoying her time behind the wheel, Ebba decides to pick up passengers along the way. After one stop, she eavesdrops on a man and woman’s flirtations. Soon the encounter takes a very wrong turn, and Ebba has to step in. She’s then told in no uncertain words, “Go back to your job.”

The fun of Night Ride is simply sitting back and watching the story unfold. Right off the bat, Ebba is our heroine, and the mischief she partakes in leads to the story’s oh-so-satisfying conclusion, with its lesson in identity and prejudice. I could mention that as Ebba, Sigrid Kandal Husjord is a little person in real life, but that has zero bearing on the story. This endearing and edgy tale will feel like comfort food for short film fans.

Night Ride (Nattrikken) (2022)

Directed and Written: Eirik Tveiten

Starring: Sigrid Kandal Husjord, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Night Ride (Nattrikken) Image


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