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New West

By Alan Ng | August 9, 2022

How exactly do you describe Jordan Mears and Coty Greenwood’s WTF comedy short, New West? Hell, if I know. But it’s one of those films that feels like an oasis in a time where we just can’t “go there” anymore.

Once a pair of dastardly outlaws, Gene Rogers (Matt Jordan) and his trusty steed, Trigger (Coty Greenwood), turned away from their evil ways to become a cowboy singing duo. After a few hits, Hollywood came calling, and their popularity rose. Soon, their paths diverged. Trigger ultimately became a successful producer, while Gene performed in seedy bars and saloons to support his coke habit. Gene’s downward spiral led to a years-long falling out with Trigger.

Willing to give Gene another chance, Trigger decides to reach out to his old partner. But unfortunately, before the two can reunite, Gene is brutally gunned down by an old mysterious villain from their past. Trigger is determined to avenge his old friend’s death, but at what cost?

New West is loaded with wall-to-wall WTF obscenities. The tamest thing about the film is that Trigger is a guy with a horse mask pulled over his head. Beyond that, there’s ample gunplay and low-budget CG blood splatter, but that’s not all! The jokes often defer to the nearest obscenity as the story plays out.

“…Gene Rogers and his trusty steed, Trigger, turned away from their evil ways to become a cowboy singing duo.”

I’m always behind films that are willing to push the limits. There’s nothing woke about what director Mears and his co-writing partner Greenwood have created. In fact, many would find it highly offensive. But, quite frankly, I like its cool, quick-paced swagger, and its comedy comes from profanity-laced dialogue and physical gags with a horsehead… all leading to a big boss battle in the end. It’s more about OMG moments than your standard set-ups and punchline.

New West will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this strange, little tale will have you laughing and groaning with its absurd plot. It’s best to watch it with a crowd in the mood to be shocked.

New West premieres Thursday, Aug. 25, at the Central Arkansas Library System Ron Robinson Theater, hosted by the Arkansas Cinema Society as part of its Filmmaker Spotlight series.

New West (2022)

Directed: Jordan Mears

Written: Jordan Mears, Coty Greenwood

Starring: Coty Greenwood, Matt Jordan, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

New West Image

"…always behind films that are willing to push the limits."

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