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Never Too Late

By Alan Ng | July 8, 2020

Mark Lamprell and Luke Preston’s Never Too Late is one of those films that tells a sweet story about four old friends, while at the same time attempts to pepper in the shortcomings of society ill-equipped to take care of our senior citizens. Although the film is set in Australia, the problems are global.

Luke Preston’s story centers on four Viet Nam veterans known during the war as “The Chain Breakers.” The four include Caine, Bronson, Angus, and Wendell, and they dug their way into military history as the four infamously escaped from the torturous Hanoi Hilton. Fifty years later, the lads find themselves in a new prison, The Hogan Hills Retirement Home for Returned Servicemen and Women.

“While Bronson is keen on escaping, the others not-so-much.”

During the war, these men were put together as a team because they each carried their own unique set of skills…skills that they still use today. The leader is Jack Bronson (James Cromwell). He is the only one who does not actually live at Hogan Hills but smuggles himself in to locate his long lost love, Norma (Jacki Weaver), who has Alzheimer’s. His plan fails big time. Because of Bronson’s past attempts to break in, ironically, his “crimes” lead to permanent residency at the home. There’s a secret as to why he needs to be with his old team.

While Bronson is keen on escaping, the others not-so-much. Jeremiah Caine (Dennis Waterman) is the smooth talker and ladies’ man. Wendell (Roy Billing) is described as a “tough bastard,” who now uses a wheelchair. All he has left in life is his estranged son. Lastly, Angus (Jack Thompson) is a tough man—a former footballer—and slowly losing his memory.

Never Too Late (2020)

Directed: Mark Lamprell

Written: Luke Preston

Starring: James Cromwell, Jacki Weaver, Dennis Waterman, Jack Thompson, Shane Jacobson, Roy Billing, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Never Too Late Image

"…a secret as to why he needs to be with his old team."

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