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My Comic Shop Country

By Chris Salce | September 3, 2020

Owners have to guess what comic will be a hit and how much of a count to order per book. The problem is that no one can predict what will be the next big thing when it comes to comics even when a big comic book film is out. The owners explain that the majority of the audience of a blockbuster comic film do not necessarily read comic books. This is true. I personally know quite a few people that prefer to sit at a theater to watch The Avengers battle it out on the big screen rather than sit down and read words with pictures that don’t move.

It’s nobodies fault, but it’s something that affects the comic industry. Then there are the publishers that do not always help the cause. The publishers sell to the comic book shop owners but do not always give the best information about the book when trying to push the comic. Also, the biggest thing is the stories have to be good. This plays into trying to decide what owners think their customers want to read.

“…it’s rather impressive…”

While it’s bleak for the industry, when it comes to the production of My Comic Shop Country, it isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s rather impressive seeing the many behind-the-scenes hats worn by filmmaker Anthony Desiato. It seems that the documentary had a small group of people working on it, and they should be really proud of the end results. The thing I could have done without is the nasally singing that is played off and on during the doc, as it is a bit distracting.

Nonetheless, My Comic Shop Country is a much-needed film representing the backbone of the comic book industry. No aspect about comic books is easy, whether it’s selling or creating them, so it’s good to have the discussion about how the comic industry could thrive again like it did in the 90s.

My Comic Shop Country (2020)

Directed and Written: Anthony Desiato

Starring: Anthony Desiato, Jermaine Exum, Allen Baus, Ariell Johnson, Sarah Titus, Steven Oto, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

My Comic Shop Country Image

"…what makes the comic book industry struggle to thrive while comic book films make billions?"

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