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MK Ultra Violence

By Alan Ng | October 2, 2023

A killer is born in writer-director Jay Curtis Miller’s short film, MK Ultra Violence. Discarded by America after returning from Vietnam, Hopper (Clint Roberts) is living on the streets of an urban ghetto. He’s approached by the mysterious Reece (Taylor Novak) with an offer of food, shelter, and a promise to get back at an uncaring nation that rejected him and his fellow soldiers. Reece takes Hopper to a remote commune in the woods, where he is accepted with open arms. Immediately, Hopper’s brainwashing sessions commence.

“…accepted with open arms. Immediately, Hopper’s brainwashing sessions commence.”

MK Ultra Violence is an origin story of sorts. Hopper’s journey from homeless man to sadistic killer is pretty straightforward. What Miller does differently is give a visual and auditory glimpse into the lead’s mind from his initial grooming by Reece and when he ultimately crosses over to the other side.

MK Ultra Violence takes place in 1968, and Miller’s visual palette is a 60s grainy film stock with a very fat sound to the audio. In the end, the film feels like it comes from the 60s and offers a psychedelic horror feel. The filmmaker extends this style brilliantly to the short’s brutal ending.

For more information about MK Ultra Violence, visit Jay Curtis Miller’s official website.

MK Ultra Violence (2023)

Directed and Written: Jay Curtis Miller

Starring: Clint Roberts, Taylor Novak, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

MK Ultra Violence Image

"…feels like it comes from the 60s and offers a psychedelic horror feel."

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