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By Eric Campos | August 21, 2004

Eric Allen’s “Missing Sock” takes one of life’s little annoyances and blows it way out of proportion…just like many of us do when these things happen to us…until we discover the true meaning of socks and where they come from.

Astronauta has a problem. Upon removing her laundry from the dryer, she discovers that she’s missing a sock. After searching the laundry room and her apartment, she posts “MISSING SOCK” posters all over town. This kicks off an adventure to find the missing article of clothing that faces her with a bondage happy neighbor, snotty coffee shop folk, a gun-toting guru and a space man. When the space man finally knocks at Astronauta’s door, he takes her on a journey that involves a tour through Los Angeles until we reach that special sock heaven.

“Missing Sock” is absurd and that’s where its charm lies. It also shows us that a sock is a sock and material items, bigger or smaller, don’t make the world go round. A thoroughly entertaining short complete with a fine cast. Now I’m just waiting for the inevitable “Missing Underwear” film someone will make. There’s a spooky one for ya.

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