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By Lorry Kikta | June 14, 2020

LIGHTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW! Milkwater is the title of a song we never hear by fledgling musician/guitar shop employee, Milo (Molly Bernard). She lives with one of her best friends, George (Robin de Jesus), and her other best friend is the pregnant Noor (Ava Eisenson), who is married to KJ (Jess Stark). Milo is seen at Noor’s baby shower, feeling particularly miserable surrounded by other moms who are neck-deep in diapers and MLM scams. So she leaves and goes to her neighborhood bar. While there, she meets Roger (Patrick Breen), an older gay man.

“…Milo makes the extremely rash decision that she will be Roger’s surrogate.”

While hanging out with Roger this fateful evening at the bar, she discovers that he has been trying to adopt a baby for years, and had several surrogacies fall through. So, Milo makes the extremely rash decision that she will be Roger’s surrogate. The heavy-drinking girl with a Peter Pan complex is going to have a baby. At first, Roger and Milo get along swimmingly. She goes to the bar he owns, The Thigh High Bar, and sees his drag show. They hang out and drink a lot. Then, Milo gets pregnant by insemination (on the first try, which usually never happens when trying from what I hear, but it’s a movie, so suspend your disbelief).

Once Milo gets pregnant, she becomes a little obsessed with Roger, showing up at his house unannounced, going to his bar when he doesn’t want her to, and generally possessing zero boundaries. In one particular scene, she lies to Roger in a voicemail saying she’s having stomach pains just because she wants him to meet her, George, and his boyfriend at the bar. She not only pisses off Roger but makes George mad as well. It’s his birthday, and Milo finds a way to make it all about her.

Milkwater (2020 )

Directed and Written: Morgan Ingari

Starring: Molly Bernard, Patrick Breen, Robin de Jesus, Ava Eisenson, Ade Otukoya, Khalid Rivera, Jess Stark, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Milkwater  Image

"…a coming-of-age story for those with arrested development."

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