By Michael Ferraro | August 11, 2004

As Kyle (Seamus Dever) arrives at his lover’s house for a nice midnight rendezvous, he doesn’t know that she has other plans for him. She wants him to spill the beans about his sexual encounters to his girlfriend Gail. Unbeknownst to Kyle however, it wasn’t really a choice. His lover, Mary, already told Gail for him. The film then takes a turn for the bizarre as Mary teaches Kyle an incredibly harsh lesson that should go out as a warning to those of you who are cheaters yourselves.

Those of you that are paying close attention to this coming “Project
Greenlight” show may remember a name that made it all the way to the
Top Ten Director contest. His name was Jamie Neese and, after viewing “Midnight,” it’s understandable to see why he made it that far. Here he constructed a nice, creepy little short about the dangers that can occur while cheating on your significant other. While the screenplay is just satisfactory, “Midnight” does a fine job at showcasing Neese’s direction and his ability to garner some fine performances from these up-and-coming actors.

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