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Mel and Ruby

By Alan Ng | March 28, 2021

People are different, and this is either a point of celebration or condemnation. In Julia Manis and Oran Zegman’s Mel and Ruby, two friends navigate a deeply personal circumstance to define their friendship.

After a devasting break-up and the news that she’s pregnant, Mel (Julia Manis) finds herself at a clinic preparing for her abortion. Her best friend, Ruby (Skylar Schock), meets her there for moral support. Like most friends, they don’t always know the right thing to say or know the right thing to do.

“…preparing for her abortion. Her best friend…meets her there for moral support.”

As Mel looks around the waiting room at happy soon-to-be parents, Ruby’s ill-timed question of “how are you doing?” somehow triggers a series of misunderstood, well-meaning jabs and observations by both women and eventually leads to a walk-out by Mel.

Mel and Ruby is one of those stories I’m drawn to because it reflects reality. It’s a story about two good friends with very different personalities, working their way through their friendship. We’re all flawed human beings getting through life and forced to stop, listen, and empathize.

I may be overthinking this, but I’m always drawn to natural and not-so-tidy stories that expose our imperfections. Actors Manis and Schock masterfully create distinct characters and play out the story authentically.

Mel and Ruby (2021)

Directed: Oran Zegman

Written: Julia Manis

Starring: Julia Manis, Skylar Schock, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Mel and Ruby Image

"…Manis and Schock masterfully create distinct characters..."

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