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By Kyle Bain | July 26, 2020

The duo does more than just write and direct the emotional flick, they star in it as well. They, along with Safiedinne, convey deep, meaningful emotion from the opening scene until the moment it fades to black. Their tears appear genuine, and their ability to deliver pinpoint accurate performances make the film even more interesting than it already is. Seeing the pain of two children after the loss of their father is incredible and heartbreaking. They wear their emotions on their sleeves, and audiences feel as if they are sitting next to Rami and Noura as they mourn. As the film progresses, I could feel the actors reeling me closer and closer into the story of their family. I felt like I was part of their story and their message.

“…could feel the actors reeling me closer and closer into the story…”

To further how impressive the film is, Alexander and Seigneurie attach an important message to their narrative. There is more to the movie than appears on the surface, and audiences are provided the tools to dissect the hidden meaning. For those struggling to understand the sometimes cryptic message, the filmmakers offer clarity in the closing seconds, effectively wrapping up the events of the film and providing a thorough explanation of what transpired. Manara is emotionally charged and keeps audiences engaged by way of the writing and acting, but it is the message that makes it all worth it.

Manara dives deep into the loss of a loved one and pulls audiences into the Zayyad family’s lives. Viewers feel like they are part of the story, and, thanks to the impeccable effort put forth by Alexander, Seigneurie, and Safiedinne, Manara finds success among its viewers. Every bit of the film is impressive due to the writing, directing, and acting abilities of the individuals, as mentioned earlier. The beauty and heartbreak behind Seigneurie’s story make the film feel real and allows audiences to appreciate the sentiment behind the words being spoken.

Manara (2019)

Directed: Zayn Alexander

Written: Pascale Seigneurie

Starring: Zayn Alexander, Pascale Seigneurie, Hala Basma Safiedinne, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Manara Image

"…more to the movie than appears on the surface..."

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