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Maid Droid

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | August 15, 2023

Come enjoy a near-future trip to the dark side of the feather duster in the cautionary sci-fi feature Maid Droid, written, directed, and edited by Rich Mallery. Harrison (Jose Adam Alvarez) is not taking being dumped by Julie (Kylee Michael) well at all. After being dragged out on the town by Jason (Quentin Boyer), a real dick, Harrison is handed a business card with a code on the back and is told to call it. He calls the number and books a robot maid that looks and tastes just like the real thing.

When a beautiful android dressed in a sexy maid costume shows up to clean the house, Harrison names her Mako (Faith West). After cleaning his house for 3 hours, Mako then performs sex acts on Harrison. He’s giddy the next day and orders another session with Mako. When Harrison inquires about what it would take to book Mako for a weekend, the company sends Eddie (Chris Spinelli) to install a home charger in a walk-in closet. Eddie explains the robot only has battery power for 8 hours, which is why Harrison needs to lock her in the closet for 8 hours to charge back up.

“…Harrison finds Mako in the kitchen in the middle of the night in a trance with a knife in her hand.”

Eddie explains that you want to put the robots out of sight while charging because they can sometimes do stuff during the process that can creep you out. Mako, programmed to feel emotions and sensations like a human, is overjoyed that such a kind man as Harrison has booked her exclusively. He even takes her outside, as she has always wanted to know what stars look like. Between hours of intense bliss, Mako suddenly is haunted by visions of the treatment of previous customers. She catches glimpses of herself being tied up and whipped by Jonathan (Anthony Rainville). When she remembers Jonathan telling her that he will cut her face up, Harrison finds Mako in the kitchen in the middle of the night in a trance with a knife in her hand.

I pity normal movie reviewers who are aware of what they will be assigned due to the out-in-the-open marketing of the bigger-budget beasts. Outlaw movie critics can’t see what surprise is coming at them next from the unending creative wild lands of the indie realm. Regular reviewers get to sit for three hours in front of superheroes, World War II veterans, or police officers, counting each time they start crying when the orchestra starts busting out. Outlaws get to watch an eerie film about a sex robot in a skimpy maid outfit. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially when Maid Droid is a bonafide good movie. I’m the lucky one who has to convince you it’s totally worth it while you look at me like a lunatic. Once again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maid Droid (2023)

Directed and Written: Rich Mallery

Starring: Faith West, Jose Adam Alvarez, Kylee Michael, Chris Spinelli, Anthony Rainville, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Maid Droid Image

"…built at the factory to surpass all expectations."

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  1. KJ nathan says:

    I agree. Good storyline. Good suspense

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