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By Bobby LePire | January 17, 2023

Then there’s the way Johnstone balances the comedy with the drama and horror throughout M3GAN. The director knows the android’s actions are extreme and maximizes her movements to be as creepy and unsettling as possible. When M3GAN strikes, it is frightening. Yes, even the TikTok dance of death scene will get one’s heart racing. Thanks to the deft writing, at the center of the mayhem is an actual heart about how grief can swallow someone whole, especially when ignored. Cady’s arc shows a real understanding of how people internalize tragedy.

Meanwhile, Gemma is trying her best to be there for her niece but doesn’t have the words to say what needs to be said. That the filmmakers ensure this angle is always forefront proves this Blumhouse production is more than just a disposable flick. Everyone’s actions have real weight and actual consequences, both good and bad.

“…the TikTok dance of death scene will get one’s heart racing.”

Of course, M3GAN wouldn’t work without its cast. Williams is great, conveying Gemma’s love for Cady while also losing herself in her all-encompassing and important work. She’s also quite intense when the moment calls for it (no spoilers). McGraw is also excellent, coming across as vulnerable, angry, sad, happy, and despondent, often in the same scene. She and Williams share believable chemistry and are a joy to watch. Of course, Chieng has already been mentioned, but seriously, he’s funny.

However, the real stars are Amie Donald and Jenna Davis. Donald’s physicality is remarkable, making a simple turn of the head into something unsettling. Davis uses her vocal skills to imbue the character with curiosity and a soul. Together these two talents breathe life into a terrifying new killer who is sure to become a modern-day icon. Plus, Usherwood overcomes her character’s writing flaws and genuinely seems to care for Cady’s well-being.

M3GAN might not be blemish free, but those issues are minor overall. The cast is uniformly superb, even those actors not expressly called out by name in this review. Cooper’s screenplay weaves in humor, drama, and scares while maintaining a heart. Johnstone deftly balances the tones and maximizes visual style for a great looking picture. This is what the Child’s Play remake should have been but failed to be.

M3GAN (2023)

Directed: Gerard Johnstone

Written: Akela Cooper

Starring: Violet McGraw, Allison Williams, Amie Donald, Jenna Davis, Ronny Chieng, Amy Usherwood, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

M3GAN Image

"…what the Child's Play remake should have been..."

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