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Little Package

By Alan Ng | February 4, 2023

A couple finds themselves in the throws of ecstasy and agony in director/co-writer Kent Smith and screenwriter Christian Shonts’ short film Little Package.

Thomas and Diana Lee (Jason Allen King and Johanna Jowett) are a typical married couple doing typical married things until a mysterious package arrives on their doorstep. According to the shipping label, it’s their home address but sent to the wrong person. So, as any curious couple would do, they open it only to find 24 pounds of weed. They decide to test the goods.

Meanwhile, at the wrong person’s house, thugs Jules and Shorty (Bryan Pierce and Mike Platarote Jr.) have “dispatched” with the owner’s body for stealing their package. Soon boss Danny (Patrick G. Keenan) realizes he made the mistake of sending it to the wrong address. So now it’s time to get the package back from the Lees by any means necessary.

“…they open it only to find 24 pounds of weed. They decide to test the goods.”

Little Package is less a story of mistaken identity address, but a series of odd yet humorous conversations as the plot plays out. The short ultimately works because of its characters and performances. Jason Allen King and Johanna Jowett play the grounded yet soon-to-be quirky couple. Their discussion about their weed-based sexual encounter and who’d survive in prison is a comedic highlight. I like the fact that the conversation takes the tone of light banter versus “hey, we’re doing comedy.”

Then there’s the over-the-top mobster in Jules, Shorty, and Danny, who is gay. Talks of how to get their pot back are standard comedy fair, but their characterizations, particularly Danny, are fun.

I’m sure you can sense me beating around the bush a bit. I can be pretty harsh on comedies. Indie comedy is incredibly difficult to pull off, and Little Package walks that tenuous line between laugh-out-loud and cringe-induced groaning but ultimately works in the end. I’ll say I had fun, and it’s worth checking out.

For more information about Little Package, visit the Lucky You Productions website.

Little Package (2022)

Directed: Kent Smith

Written: Kent Smith, Christian Shonts

Starring: Johanna Jowett, Jason Allen King, Patrick G. Keenan, Bryan Pierce, Mike Platarote Jr., etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Little Package Image

"…worth checking out."

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  1. Kent Smith says:

    What a great review from one of the best in the business!!!

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