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Little Grey Bubbles

By Alan Ng | March 14, 2019

Short stories are often built on an interesting idea or an odd observation of life. Thanks to the internet and sites like eBay and Etsy, communities have been created bringing people together with common interests, such as hobbies. In the short film from Charles Wahl, Little Grey Bubbles, it tells the story of two kindred souls, who have never met, but brought together by the love of photography. Kim (Kaelen Ohm) and Marlon met on eBay after she won a camera that Marlon had put up on auction.

This single auction began an anonymous friendship between the two protagonists. The short opens with Kim reading a text from Marlon saying, “I have something important to tell you.” From there, the little grey iPhone bubble blinks and stops with no follow-up message.

Weeks later, Kim arrives at a church after driving a long distance to attend Marlon’s funeral. She is met with a cold shoulder from Marlon’s brother and then pays her respects to Marlon’s wife Annie (Francine Deschepper), who she knows by name, and his two sons. Later at a reception at Annie and Marlon’s home, Kim is met with mixed reactions. While Annie acts cordial to Kim, others see her as the “other woman.”

“…the story of two kindred souls, who have never met, but brought together by the love of photography.”

Uncomfortable with the situation, she decides to leave early. Filled with heavy emotion, she texts her feelings to Marlon, knowing he’s not going to respond. As soon as she hits send, Kim quickly receives a phone call from him.

First, this is not a supernatural short by any means, but a story that wonderfully plays on the idea of people connecting online without ever meeting. Wahl explores the concept of two people having a deep, yet platonic, relationship that their own family members will never have, such as a wife or child.

Little Grey Bubbles is a sweet tale of love. Though love doesn’t always have to be romantic, and Kaelen Ohm as Kim allows us to know what having a relationship like this feels like.

Little Grey Bubbles (2019) Written and directed by Charles Wahl. Featuring Kelen Ohm, Josh MacDonald, Francine Deschepper, Nicole Steeves, Kathryn MacCormack, Jeff Schwager, Sara Campbell, Locke Williams, Sam Haynes, Trina Corkum. Little Grey Bubbles screened as part of the Narrative Shorts Competition at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival.

8 out of 10 stars

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