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Last Call

By Alan Ng | February 16, 2023

I’ll apologize early as this will be a brief review. Becca Kozak’s WTF horror short, Last Call, is only four minutes long and packed with… well, I will let that idea linger with you for a while.

Betsey (Cynthia Loewen) and Linda (Ariel Hansen) are witches, and tonight they feast. Their hunt takes them to a local dive bar, where they meet a guy named Guy (Tyson Storozinski). Before you know it, they’re doing the deed in the bar’s bathroom and then onto Betsey and Linda’s place. Let’s say things don’t turn out well for our poor, overly h***y Guy.

“…things don’t turn out well for our poor, overly h***y Guy.”

Last Call gets right to the action and never stops. Kozak’s indie short feels like a punk rock WTF music video. It starts as a simple meeting of two witches at a bar and quickly shifts into overdrive. The demise of Guy is grotesque and depraved, and the aftermath is downright horrific. It’s great fun and matched with some inventive make-up effects.

I think the ending might have gone too far, but I’m recommending Last Call because I love stories that push the limits. What’s pushed here are the boundaries of decency and done so to good comic effect. The film is a hard pass if your sensibility matches your Christian grandmother. Otherwise, smoke some weed and strap in for a wild Satanic ride.

For more information, visit the Last Call official website.

Last Call (2023)

Directed and Written: Becca Kozak

Starring: Cynthia Loewen, Ariel Hansen, Tyson Storozinski, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Last Call Image

"…strap in for a wild Satanic ride."

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