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Which segues nicely to the next point of confusion: Why did this road trip have to happen during the pandemic? Initially, it was planned to occur in April 2020, but for obvious reasons, that trip, not even a full 12 months since the first, was postponed. But, he still traverses to several towns and cities while coronavirus was still raging. What drove Scheller to have gone as soon as possible? Was the first trip so successful that the information he gleaned and the friends he made had to be revisited even in the face of personal safety?

Yes, he and his family and the interviewees wear masks and all that, but that does not take away from the fact that this trip is completely unnecessary. Near the end, Scheller’s mom asks him what this trip has meant to him. His answer is very superficial and hardly sums up everything. And while that really hurts the impact and rewatchability of Las-New, Scheller is a competent filmmaker, so in the moment, most sequences work.

“…the editing is excellent.”

For one, the editing is excellent. He ably intercuts gameplay footage, interviews, and photos in a way that makes the talking head portions visually interesting and allows for those who like the game to always have a firm grasp of where he is. While the audio mixing is wonky at times, the people talking at any given point are usually easy to hear, and the cinematography is pretty good, all things considered.

Las-New: A Fallout Snow Globe Road Trip is well-made from a technical standpoint, considering it was all helmed by one person. But the story lacks depth and insight, meaning the documentary is ultimately pointless. Fans of Fallout might get some enjoyment out of watching this, but even then, they could just look at the photos of the snow globes and get the same effect. For the record, Fallout 3 is the absolute best in the series.

Las-New: A Fallout Snow Globe Road Trip (2021)

Directed and Written: Maxwell Scheller

Starring: Maxwell Scheller, Sandra Scheller, Dr. Mark Scheller, etc.

Movie score: 4.5/10

Las-New: A Fallout Snow Globe Road Trip Image

"…Fallout 3 is the absolute best..."

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