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Jonny Loquasto is both a stand-up comic and a physical therapist. With the glut of comedians and, in turn, stand-up specials on virtually every platform, any interesting hook will help emerging comedians emerge from the pack. In the case of Loquasto, a weird name and an occupation prime for fun-poking will do. From the fantastic Brea Improv (shout out to my hood) comes the special, Jonny Loquasto: Physical. Therapy.

It opens with a brief video sketch of the somewhat nebbish physical therapist Jonny finishing a day on the job before heading off to do a set at a local comedy club. Jonny has good energy and is a likable kind of a guy…a white guy, as he points out. Loquasto starts by talking about growing up as a fat kid and being an unlikely candidate for kidnappings. He then launches into old-tyme emails and scams right before getting into the foibles of his career as a physical therapist. Of course, the average person and a physical therapist see high heels and twerking in very different ways.

“…the average person and a physical therapist see high heels and twerking in very different ways.”

The set is broken up with two “commercials” featuring parodies of prescription drug commercials and a political ad. Along with the opening sketch, the sketches didn’t seem all that necessary. But, yes, it was a nice break, and it does show off the talent and personality of Loquasto…so I guess I’m OK with it.

Jonny Loquasto: Physical. Therapy. falls squarely in the good category for stand-up comedy. It has broad appeal. Loquasto is not afraid to take on subjects like Amber Alerts, living in West Hollywood, professional wrestling, and being white, and does it in a light, self-deprecating manner. The jokes are good, the pace of the set was perfect (never dull), and I was with him from start to finish.

Watching stand-up comedy at home places all comedians at a disadvantage. Missing is the infectious nature of laughter in a crowded. That said, I did find myself laughing out loud once or twice. It’s also clear that Loquasto—though performing for over 15 years—is still pretty new in the stand-up special game. Jokes about emails, the older generation, and mispronouncing international dishes are not exactly fresh topics but work in the Loquasto-style. Jonny Loquasto: Physical. Therapy. is good fun for a night of laughs and worth checking out this new talent to stand-up specials.

Jonny Loquasto: Physical. Therapy. (2021)

Directed: Gabriela Ledesma

Written: Jonny Loquasto

Starring: Jonny Loquasto, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Jonny Loquasto: Physical. Therapy. Image

"…good fun for a night of laughs..."

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