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Into The Dark: Nasty Piece of Work

By Lorry Kikta | December 4, 2019

Into The Dark is one of my favorite series on Hulu, and it’s no surprise that the team at Blumhouse came up with the idea. A horror film for every holiday makes perfect sense. Holidays stir up a lot of emotion in people, both good and bad. The positive aspects of holidays are more often than not explored in movies, leaving the negative behind.

Into The Dark is not afraid to explore the dark side, not even of the….most wonderful time of the year. For Christmas this year, Into The Dark offers us Charles Hood’s Nasty Piece of Work. Rather than dive too deep into the sociopolitical constructs of Christmas itself, Nasty Piece of Work explores a time-tested holiday tradition, the “Christmas Bonus.”

“…a sadistic game to see who is the best man for the job that no one can be sure actually exists.”

Ted (Kyle Howard) is a mid-level employee at Falconheart Ventures, a successful private equity company. He has been working his a*s off all year in hopes of a highly-coveted holiday bonus. We see him at the outset of the film rushing to proactively retrieve golf clubs for his boss, Steven Essex (Julian Sands, in top form). Little does he know that he got the wrong type of golf clubs for the particular putting green, allowing him to be shamed not only by Steven but also his co-worker/office rival Gavin (Dustin Milligan). Ted’s response is to bash in the mirror of the office bathroom with one of Steven’s golf clubs, and that is our introduction to the world of Falconheart Ventures and Nasty Piece of Work. 

Into The Dark: Nasty Piece of Work (2019 )

Directed: Charles Hood

Written: Paul Soter

Starring: Kyle Howard, Dustin Milligan, Angela Sarafyan, Natalie Hall, Molly Hagan, Julian Sands, Nico Greetham , etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Into The Dark: Nasty Piece of Work  Image

"…a commentary on mega-millionaires and the people who so desperately want to become them."

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