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By Alan Ng | June 3, 2024

In Kelsey Bollig’s short film Inked, a young woman, Dylan (Kaikane), pays homage to her father, who passed away in prison, by infusing his ashes into the ink of her next tattoo. This loving act of honor goes awry quickly when she begins to experience otherworldly sensations just underneath her skin.

“…pays homage to her father…by infusing his ashes into the ink of her next tattoo.”

I enjoy watching filmmakers who genuinely grasp the genre of their stories. It’s unfortunate that I even have to make that statement, but Kelsey Bollig has a fantastic body horror style for “Inked” and absolutely nailed it. She effectively sets the ominous mood between Dylan and her artist friend, Bruno (Chris Cortez). Bollig has a good understanding of the camera, lighting, and, best of all, editing. And I haven’t even mentioned the spine-chilling special effects yet.

Inked is a captivating short film I recommend to anyone just beginning to explore the horror genre. To me, it’s an ideal introduction to the genre, delivering a thrilling and engaging experience.

Inked (2024)

Directed and Written: Kelsey Bollig

Starring: Kaikane, Chris Cortez, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Inked Image

"…delivering a thrilling and engaging experience."

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