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By Alan Ng | October 29, 2023

A team of soldiers escapes certain doom in director Shayda Frost and writer Cosette Lucero’s ID EST. The short sci-fi film boasts a female-led cast and crew, including director Shayda Frost and writer Cosette Lucero. As science fiction fans, they get all the elements down perfectly, from the futuristic desert wasteland to the flashbacks of life on a space station.

The future is bleak as a mysterious creature has invaded part of the galaxy, stripping planets of all of their natural resources. These creatures leech off not just the planet’s resources but the essence of the humans themselves. Finding herself trapped in an ambush, Metagalactic Captain Renn (Sof Puchley) and her crew of the Minerva, Marcus (David W. Rice) and Livia (Sunny Tellone), must fend off the mysterious beings hoping to steal the crew’s souls.

“…must fend off the mysterious beings hoping to steal the crew’s souls.”

The motion picture’s showcase is an elaborate and wonderfully choreographed fight sequence. The combat involves sword and dagger play with a martial arts foundation. The exciting sequence is then followed by some CG effects involving Renn that continue to prove that sci-fi special effects are in the very capable hands of indie filmmakers.

The 11-minute runtime makes me wonder about the storytelling potential, given more time. ID EST is an impressive movie to behold. We’re here for the action and its inspiring tale to round it out.

For more information about ID EST, visit the Alom Media official website.

ID EST (2023)

Directed: Shayda Frost

Written: Cosette Lucero

Starring: Sof Puchley, David W. Rice, Sunny Tellone, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

ID EST Image

"…an impressive movie to behold."

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