I WILL Image


By Rory L. Aronsky | August 4, 2005

Girl flips through the phone book. Girl sees boy from far away. Girl takes hundreds of pictures. Girl believes that she is boy’s beloved. It’s all set to Dean Martin’s “I Will”, as the dark side of this woman comes out. The music overshadows the dialogue, which doesn’t need to be heard since we can imagine easily what’s said between him and her. He obviously hasn’t met her and reacts as such, though she believes she knows him so well that she dresses up for their supposed “date”. Meanwhile, he has his own beloved who he was expecting to show up tonight. But it all gets very ugly, another entry in the “psychotic woman scorned” subgenre, complete with fake blood that actually lightens the mood a little. Two viewings is all it takes for everything to fall into place.

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