By Mark Bell | March 1, 2007

It’s hard to think of the name Sheldon without immediately thinking of “When Harry Met Sally…” and Billy Crystal’s brilliant deconstruction of how you can never have great sex with someone named Sheldon. After watching Slamdance co-founder Dan Mirvish’s latest short film, I’d hazard to add that not only can you not have great sex with someone named Sheldon, but you should probably not let them drive your car, discuss global warming or debate politics either. Sheldon… only Nimrod gets less respect.

Reminiscent of the Donal Logue-starring “Jimmy the Cab Driver” spots on MTV in the early 90’s, Sheldon drives around a mini-van and pontificates on everything from the war in Iraq, having children, how to stop global warming and even the lackluster performance of every possible Democratic presidential candidate over the last 8 years. Bitter, dead-pan and absolutely hilarious, Sheldon is the opinionated button-up that seems to know everything without comprehending anything.

Like the best jokes, “Sheldon” doesn’t overstay its welcome and delivers on the punchlines, making for a fun 3 minutes. And even though he’s ignorant (and ignorant of his ignorance), the beauty of a character like this is that there are tons of subjects that can be commented on and explored, simply based on his clueless-ness. I’d like to know how Sheldon feels about abortion. Same-sex marriages? The name Sheldon? Hell, he’d make a great “Daily Show” correspondent. Hopefully we’ll see and hear more from the Mighty Mouth of Sheldon.

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