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Hung Up

By Alan Ng | January 7, 2021

There is a crossroads in life where one has to decide whether to take destiny into their own hands or continue to be a follower. Damon O’Steen’s Hung Up is one such story.

It’s the story of one of Texas’ best (if not the best) female bull riders, Patty “Duke” (Melissa Jackson). Today, she is recovering from injuries after almost being paralyzed during her most recent ride as she was distracted by the sharp-tongued “encouragement” from her hot-headed husband, Travis (Kevin Kane).

Now, she sits on the sidelines and is seen as damaged goods by Travis. Patty finds herself financially strapped and forced to rely on her drunk and prideful husband.

“..recovering from injuries after almost being paralyzed during her most recent ride…”

Hung Up bridges the gap between the mythologies of the cowboy and cowgirl. For men and women in professional bull riding, the draw and desire to get on the back of a bull for six long seconds is one and the same. They have to do it because they have to—regardless of the consequences. At the risk of losing her dream forever, Patty stands up for herself.

Writer/director O’Steen tells the narrative well. There are ample amounts of flashbacks used to tell Patty’s story, and they are organized well, accentuating the gravity of each of her decisions. I have a few minor quibbles with the editing between live bull riding and actor close-ups—it’s a little too obvious. Fortunately, it’s not enough to derail Hung Up, as it is a solid tale of courage.

Hung Up (2020)

Directed and Written: Damon O’Steen

Starring: Melissa Jackson, Kevin Kane, Catherine Curtin, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Hung Up Image

"…a solid tale of courage."

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