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Hot ‘N’ Nerdy

By Chris Salce | December 4, 2018

Hot ‘N’ Nerdy takes us back to the old days when comic-con was about actually comics and not about everything but comics as it is now. Two comic book lovers, Alan (Justin Chesney)  and Phil (Keland Alaka’i Sarno) go to a comic-con which is held in a small basement looking room – much like where they used to be held. As the two friends search for their favorite comic books, they unexpectedly fall for the rarest gem of them all, a girl, Becky (Gayla Loeb) that loves comics just as much as they do. Becky not only schools the guys in comic knowledge but also how to get the ladies.

The less than fifteen-minute pilot happened to have some pluses about it. One was the fact that it was about comics and comic-con nonetheless, and who doesn’t love those things? Whenever there is a film, show or anything having to do with comics, you can automatically count me in.

Being that the film is about comics, we hear the stereotypical “nerd” talk dialogue. For instance, since this takes place in the 90s (which is the other plus of the film) the characters debate about things such as Hugh Jackman being announced to play Wolverine and the Bat-nipples from Batman & Robin. These are things we in the pop culture community have debated for decades, so it is accurate in that aspect, but it can also sound a bit like a broken record.

“…search for their favorite comic books, they unexpectedly fall for the rarest gem of them all, a girl…”

During one of these debates, a character is discussing why he thinks Hugh Jackman is a terrible casting choice to play Wolverine in X-Men. The discussion is taking place in the main room of the convention with a group of friends, and the debate concludes. As the characters begin to move onto another topic, Gayla walks into the room for the first time. The guys are all amazed at her beauty and comic wit, but there was a little problem in this particular scene. If Gayla had just walked into the room, there would be no way that she could have heard the Wolverine debate but she chimes in giving her opinion on the matter as if she did hear the conversation. It just didn’t really make sense to me.

Hot ‘N’ Nerdy has a bit of a Kevin Smith and Fanboys (2009) vibe, but a very watered-down version of the combo. It has some nice pop culture throwbacks such as Blockbuster and a makeover montage – even though the makeover didn’t look much different in the end but having that said, I think the film is a good start as a pilot for a web series. There’s definitely more story that could be told about these characters.

Hot ‘N’ Nerdy (2018) Directed by Robert Vornkahl. Written by Steven Tsapelas. Starring Gayla Loeb, Justin Chesney, Keland Alaka’i Sarno, Chandler Lovelle, Jonathan Hyppolite, Paolo Kossi, Bella McGarth, Jenna Thibault, Seth Kirschner, Bob Winters.

5 out of 10 stars.

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