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Holy Irresistible

By Bobby LePire | March 6, 2024

Funnily enough, though, the people most in need of seeing the message Holy Irresistible has will avoid it due to its language. For some reason, far-right conservatives who hate other people for looking and/or believing differently (ya know, the kind of people that make everyone else dislike Christianity, even if they believe in God) are aghast at cuss words. It has and will never make sense, but the screenplay treats its characters as real, so sometimes they cuss. It’s never overdone, but the MPAA would slap this thing with an R rating. That is too bad because getting a handful of those people to watch this could well change a few small minds.

But how is the film as a piece of entertainment, not just a thematically dense work? Quite charming is the answer. Gregg is adorable, affable, and a total goofball. Merritt is so cute and sweet that anyone would fall for her. Graham has excellent comedic timing but also works the drama believably. Sholley is a steady presence, imbuing Owen with the calm, non-judgemental demeanor a pastor must have to truly connect with people. Unsurprisingly, it is SAG and Obie Award winner DeLaria who really steals the show. She’s always funny and sincere, and Aunt Rad’s love for Ivy is never in doubt.


The budget for Holy Irresistible mostly shows in the production value. The film looks like a made-for-television feature. Basic lighting setups, simple camera blocking, and wide/medium frames are the recipe of the day. But Corkey highlights her skills via tone. She infuses the comedy with the drama gracefully, each one propping the other up. Aunt Rad has a few close calls due to having cancer. Ivy is lying to his lady love. Surge wants to destroy the town’s social foundation, though he has excellent reasoning for doing so. These are some heavy things, but they never feel so weighty as to mute the humor or vice versa.

Holy Irresistible is, well, holy irresistible. Yes, the directing is journeyman in terms of camera movements and whatnot. However, the screenplay is a work of genius, balancing themes of religion in everyday life with great characterizations and a wonderful sense of humor. It is brought to life by remarkably talented actors who share strong chemistry. Plus, it ends on the best possible note, allowing for optimism to exist in a realistic (ish) way.

For more information, visit the official Holy Irresistible Instagram page.

Holy Irresistible (2024)

Directed: Pamela Corkey

Written: Andrew Shearer

Starring: Ian Gregg, Leah Merritt, Lea DeLaria, Tyler Graham, Nick Sholley, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Holy Irresistible Image

"…wisely views Christianity from all sides."

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