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Head Bussa

By Alan Ng | June 15, 2021

Brandon Espy’s horror short, Head Bussa, plays into our fears of clowns…the silent serial killer clowns! The film runs just over four minutes, so I’ll be brief. A loner sits parked in his high-priced sports car, calling one of his buddies. Mid-conversation, he notices a large man in a creepy clown mask. Rather than drive away, pride compels him to step out and confront the clown, and…this is a horror short, so you know what happens (hint: it’s in the title).

“…he notices a large man in a creepy clown mask.”

Sure the short could have used a minute to better establish either sympathy or disdain for the “victim.” It could have also used another minute to build up the creepiness factor in the clown. Otherwise, Head Bussa is a solid film and ideally situated for your local horror film festival.

Head Bussa (2021)

Directed and Written: Brandon Espy

Starring: Jeremy Batiste, Von Roburts, Jamilah Mapp, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Head Bussa Image

"…plays into our fears of clowns...the silent serial killer clowns!"

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