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By Alan Ng | June 14, 2021

Hisonni Mustafa’s short film, Blunt, takes on the many meanings of the titular word. The drama pits two generations against one another as a long-time couple, Aiden (Destiny Faith Nelson) and Kate (Veronica Mitsuk), confront Kate’s parents, Henry (Joe Palubinsky) and Diana (Trina Colon), about their interracial, same-sex relationship.

The couple’s strategy is to divide and conquer. Kate confronts her father at his home about a “joke” he told over the phone using the N-word that left Aiden in a state of shock. On the other hand, Aiden takes on Diana and her assertion that Kate could “do better.” But there are two sides to every coin. Dad is upset that Kate has been hiding her relationship, and Aiden has not formally introduced herself out of respect. In turn, Diana defends her position of Kate being in an economically secure relationship, while Aiden accuses her of racism.

“…confront Kate’s parents…about their interracial, same-sex relationship.”

Going back to the short’s title, Blunt, I appreciate the idea of blunt talk and the eventual sharing of a blunt. Over the last several decades, we’ve lost the ability to debate without the fear of cancellation. I’ve always believed that we can’t truly progress as a society if we’re always walking on politically correct eggshells. Change happens when we way what’s on our minds and in our hearts, allow it to be challenged, and then grow and change from it—remaining silent results in digging our heels deep in our beliefs. I don’t know if this was Mustafa’s intention in Blunt, but I’m taking this opportunity to practice what I preach.

Blunt also presents a generational battle. Admittedly, I’m the same age as the parents in the story. I did find myself empathizing with the parents as they are attacked for their “old fashion” way of approaching life and their frustration that not everything they want for their daughter has to be rooted in racism. I’m confident that a younger audience will align more with Kate and Aiden. In the end, no one wants to be marginalized or ignored. Blunt is one of the shorts you’ll watch and wrestle with long after it’s over. I know I am.

Blunt (2021)

Directed and Written: Hisonni Mustafa

Starring: Destiny Faith Nelson, Veronica Mitsuk, Trina Colon, Joe Palubinsky, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Blunt Image

"…no one wants to be marginalized or ignored."

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