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By Alan Ng | March 25, 2024

Life’s too short to give up…or give up on others. Keegan Duncan’s short film, Harbor, is a story about second chances.

Jay (Jack Norris) just received a lien notice on his father’s boat from the harbor manager. Though he’s faithfully paid the fees each month, his sister Grace (Pamela Portnoy) has never paid off the amount due since their father’s death.

Frantically trying to get her balance paid off, Grace tells Jay that there’s no point in trying to fix something that is broken. Jay decides to get the boat working again for one final trip.

“…Grace tells Jay that there’s no point in trying to fix something that is broken.”

Harbor is a beautifully shot drama about a brother and sister still trying to come to grips with their father’s death. Jay intends to keep his memory alive, and Grace just needs to walk away and move on. I spent my youth living by the ocean, which has always made me think about how life is like the ebb and flow of the tide and how the ocean can be both beautiful and brutal. The film Harbor manages to capture all the emotions and feelings that come with living on the water, and Daniele Truocchio’s score only adds to the depth of the story.

Harbor is a tight, lovely short film that simply asks us to take a deep breath and consider what’s truly important in life.

For screening information, visit the Harbor Short Film Instagram page.

Harbor (2024)

Directed: Keegan Duncan

Written: Keegan Duncan, Jack Norris

Starring: Jack Norris, Pamela Portnoy, Bryant Chirinos, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Harbor Image

"…take a deep breath and consider what's truly important in life."

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