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A Rocky Mountain Affair

By Bobby LePire | May 20, 2024

Originally titled Hearts Creek, A Rocky Mountain Affair is written by Steve Goldsworthy and directed by Chris Bragg and Jason Wan Lim. The romantic comedy stars Krista Chyc as Meg, an event planner working for the overbearing Diane (Heather Pattengale). They’ve just been hired by Brian (Jerod Blake) to coordinate a wooded, get-away-from-it-all team-building excursion. Meg becomes the de facto person on the ground to lead the event after bringing up several ideas Brian responds to.

Unfortunately, the only road to the old movie set being used is impassable, causing Meg’s SUV to get stuck. Ry (Duff Zayonce) literally trots in on a horse to save the day after Meg stumbles and injures herself near the creek. He views her as nothing more than a city gal who couldn’t survive a day in the country. She views him as a simple cowboy, ignorant of how to interact with beings that aren’t animals. Of course, as Meg and Ry spend more time together, their preconceived notions wash away, and an attraction builds. However, Meg is under pressure to get to the mountain ranch and set up for her client, while Ry is closed off due to a hurtful past. Will Meg and Ry revel in their true feelings for each other, or do their differing lifestyles mean they are incompatible despite their attraction and chemistry?

“…Meg is under pressure to get to the mountain ranch…while Ry is closed off due to a hurtful past…”

A Rocky Mountain Affair is a sweet little film. While the plot is very predictable, there is a certain charm here. The characters aren’t as “urban” or “country” as one might expected, allowing for more dimension than the usual Hallmark fare. Plus, the comedy is very funny. Ry convinces Meg that a crazy old prospector lives on the mountain, and she believes him. Her coming face-to-face with the prospector, Curly (Simon Challenger), is hilarious. The more dramatic turns also work well, especially when concerning the trusty steed Lucy.

Chyc is adorable as the slightly over-her-head lead. She sells the comedy and drama well and shares strong chemistry with Zayonce. Ry is a man of few words, but Zayonce makes his emotional distance feel authentic and not just a grump for grump’s sake. Challenger steals every scene he’s in. His energy is unmatched, and his constant stating of “I have X” is always hilarious.

While adhering to the standard romantic comedic formula, A Rocky Mountain Affair manages to bring a fresh perspective to the genre. The characters, with their unexpected depth, are likable and relatable. The actors, especially Chyc, Zayonce, and Challenger, deliver solid performances that enhance the story. While the movie may not revolutionize the genre, it is a good choice for fans of romantic comedies who are looking for an enjoyable watch.

A Rocky Mountain Affair (2024)

Directed: Jason Wan Lim, Chris Bragg

Written: Steve Goldsworthy

Starring: Krista Chyc, Duff Zayonce, Simon Challenger, Heather Pattengale, Jerod Blake, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

A Rocky Mountain Affair Image

"…a good choice for fans of romantic comedies..."

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