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By Alan Ng | May 7, 2024

In Graham Burrell’s short film Grampy, a man and a woman try to move on from grief and loss. After meeting at a grief support group, the grieving Cody (RJ Pennington) seizes the opportunity to invite Jenny (Kerry Gallagher), who recently lost her father, over for dinner at Cody’s grandfather’s now empty estate. The dinner goes amazingly well as the pair is able to cope with their loss.

When Jenny talks about the loss of her father, Cody exclaims that he is still with her…like his grandfather, Grampy. In fact, Grampy is with them just upstairs, as Cody had him stuffed soon after his death. There’s a whole bunch of other details suggesting that Jenny should probably leave…like right now.

“…Cody had him stuffed soon after his death.

Grampy is a campy horror story that takes a surprising turn, gradually shifting from light-hearted absurdity to spine-chilling supernatural terror. This unexpected transition adds a layer of intrigue, keeping uson the edge of their seats.

Kerry Gallagher’s impressive performance as Jenny, coupled with the high-quality production values of the film, make Grampy an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Grampy (2024)

Directed and Written: Graham Burrell

Starring: Kerry Gallagher, RJ Pennington, Ralph W. Cashen, Gene Connelly, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Grampy Image

"…from light-hearted absurdity to spine-chilling supernatural terror."

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