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Girls on Film

By Alan Ng | November 8, 2023

Robin Bain’s sexy indie exploitation thriller, Girls on Film, came at just the right time as I was swimming through all these pretentious award-baiting dramas. Jenna (Dare Taylor) is a hopeful nursing student who runs her own adult chat channel using the pseudonym “Rain” to pay expenses. In an instant, everything crumbles when her landlord boots her out of her apartment for producing spicy videos.

As luck would have it, Jenna comes across a roommate ad posted by Blake (Willow Grey), only to discover that what Jenna thought was a simple room turns out to be a massive Palm Springs mansion. Blake assures Jenna that everything in the ad is true, i.e., the cheap rent and run of the property. Blake also has no problem with Jenna webcamming at night.

During Jenna’s first webcam session, Blake offers to appear in the stream wearing a sexy lace mask and going by the name of Claudia. The two get the great idea that if the viewers tip them $3,000, Jenna and Blake will make out, and in the blink of an eye, the three grand comes in, and the stream gets hot and sexy.

The next morning, Jenna starts to develop feelings for Blake as this is her first time kissing a woman. Blake assures her it is all real and lets her keep the full three grand. But like any sexy thriller, there are strings attached and secrets being withheld.

“…Jenna starts to develop feelings for Blake as this is her first time kissing a woman.”

Girls on Film is exactly what you think it is. It’s an erotic thriller produced on an indie budget. What the film lacks in production value more than makes up in hot erotic love scenes.

Dare Taylor is great as that “girl next door” type looking willing to compromise her values a bit to become a nurse. The good girl is balanced off by the very broken rich girl in Blake. Willow Grey goes full femme fatale as Blake slowly spirals out of control in the end.

Let’s be real. We’re here for the hot girl-on-girl action. It’s sexy. There is nudity and nothing Skin-e-Max explicit. Though the story is not exactly original, writer/director Robin Bain builds a solid foundation for her tale as it transitions from erotic thriller to just plain thriller.

I do have two issues with the production itself. First, it’s the editing. When characters have conversations, we cut back and forth from one character to another. The editing has to be tighter. If you close your eyes and listen, there are pauses between lines of dialogue that don’t make it sound natural. It’s got to feel like an actual conversation between two people.

My other issue is the camera. The camera is almost always locked down and rarely moves. That camera needs to move in a thriller. When Blake is crying hysterically, the camera can move in to intensify the moment or pull back to show how lonely she is. This is where you really want to find your favorite erotic thriller and copy its shot composition and camera movements.

Girls on Film is not going to win any Oscars, but I’m glad indie film is still making films like this. It’s not going to change your life, but it has a solid story, and it’s sexy as hell.

For more information about Girls on Film, visit the Breaking Glass Pictures website.

Girls on Film (2023)

Directed and Written: Robin Bain

Starring: Dare Taylor, Willow Grey, Donnie Marhefka, Mark Slater, Liz Bash, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Girls on Film Image

"…We're here for the hot girl-on-girl action. It's sexy."

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