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Ghosts And The Afterlife

By Bobby LePire | December 9, 2022

Ghosts And The Afterlife is about proving the existence of spirits, ghosts, and the like. Written and directed by Steven Sayre, the documentary is hosted by Kelsey Bohlen, who guides audiences through each section. Of course, there are interviewees who detail their eerie encounters with ghosts. Footage from those interactions is shown when possible to drive the point home further.

But how is this any different from other paranormal-centric documentaries? Sayre includes all the expected elements for sure, but he zeroes in on science and the medical field. An interesting discussion about repeated, successful tests at several universities proved that essentially turning an object invisible is possible. Several scientists and doctors are on record as having experienced ghostly phenomena.

“…about proving the existence of spirits, ghosts, and the like.”

Ghosts And The Afterlife also sits down with people who had out-of-body experiences. These get pretty intense as the emotions from the traumatic event that led to them being non-corporal for a spell well up as they talk. While eyes will remain dry, it is surprising how engaging these stories were.

Throughout it all, Bohlen is a fun host, gamely interviewing people. Her presence helps segue each section, especially because Sayre insists on some over-the-top CGI transitions that are much more goofy than interesting. Unfortunately, these CGI elements do take away from the more serious-minded approach on display throughout the film.

Will Ghosts And The Afterlife convince anyone that spirits are real? I am not sure. But it is an interesting, quick-moving exploration of the next realm. The interviews are excellent, and Bohlen is a good host. Thanks to its focus on science, Sayre makes the most compelling case yet for the afterlife, despite some silly CGI usage.

Ghosts And The Afterlife (2022)

Directed and Written: Steven Sayre

Starring: Kelsey Bohlen, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Ghosts And The Afterlife Image

"…an interesting, quick-moving exploration of the next realm."

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